We keep you competitive in an increasingly demanding market

The market has changed

Your clients demand more. More service, more tools, more technology. Commercial carrier commissions are flat and most are shifting towards self-service service model.  In today's market, a key to success is maximizing efficiency. A partnership with ARMS provides immediate efficiency gains to your workflow and helps you concentrate your efforts on growth and retention.

ARMS provides resources you need to compete, without any loss of control of your business, and in a way that protects your income streams.  Whether it be medical, ancillary, senior market, individual, or workers compensation, we provide access to the markets you need to succeed, with the leverage of ARMS collective market size, with no reduction in compensation.

Resources ARMS provides your agency includes:
  • Expert staff with decades of collective experience
  • HR360 – HR Advisory Services
  • PrimePay – Discounted COBRA, ACA Administration, Section 125, Payroll and ERISA compliance services
  • Streamlined group quoting via our internal team or self-service quoting platform
  • Certification programs to keep you selling during AEP
  • Periodic Seminars hosted by ARMS featuring speakers from carriers and industry experts

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Get full carrier database access through your partnership with ARMS Insurance Group. Let ARMS provide your agency with expert staff resources, HR advisory services, automated quoting tools, periodic seminars, and more.

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