Earning commissions is your business.  Processing accurately and timely is ours.

Not All Contracts Are Created Equal

ARMS holds "True" General Agency contracts with our carrier partners:

  • You receive 100% of the broker commission - no splits
  • You get paid directly by the carrier*
  • You are eligible for all carrier-sponsored bonus programs.

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2018 Commission Calendar

Premium Activity Payment Date
December (2017) January 31, 2018
January March 2, 2018
February March 30, 2018
March April 30, 2018
April May 31, 2018
May June 29, 2018
June July 31, 2018
July August 31, 2018
August September 28, 2018
September October 31, 2018
October November 30, 2018
November Decemeber 31, 2018

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ARMS Improves Organizational Efficiency

A partnership with ARMS isn't just about commissions and carrier access. Your partnership with ARMS will also make your organization more efficient by offboarding time consuming carrier data entry functions, service escalation, and implementation tasks.

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